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by Stephanie on May 21, 2010

March 1, 2008 email: A neighbor of the David Fulton Winery invited eight knowledgeable wine drinkers to the recent dinner party. Four wines were poured, all from winemakers located on Fulton Lane, St. Helena, California. The neighbor wrote, “Short rib of beef was served as the main course. All I can say is that each wine showed brilliantly. The reviews across the board were glowing. People kept going back and forth among the wines after they had their first tastes. What fun it was to show off our neighbor’s wines!” An additional comment about the David Fulton Petite Sirah came from one of the wine industry guests who was particularly impressed, “It was the perfect example of a perfect Petite Sirah.” The neighbor went on to say about our 2001 PS, “I couldn’t agree more.”

February 20, 2008 email from wine writer, Priscilla: “Last Saturday, I had a couple of guys over for drinks. They were visiting from Tampa and are big wine aficionados. I opened a Sauvignon Blanc first from one of our members who will remain nameless. It was less than stellar. Knowing how much they like red wines, I opened your 2001 Petite Sirah. It was magnificent! I couldn’t believe how black it was, packed with layers of flavor, very chewy. We just loved it.”

December 2007 tasting at Wades Wines, Westlake Village, California, in a response to a question about their most popular Zinfandel, the wine steward said their biggest was the Charter Oak, Napa. He was surprised to learn the Petite Sirah contained is from the David Fulton Vineyard.

June 3, 2007 email: A South Beach, Florida restaurant and hotel head sommelier stated, “[On] my recent visit to California I was able to taste your Petite Sirah…amazing! to say the least. I would love to include your beautiful wine on my list. I wouldfeel honored.”

Wine steward, Corti Bros, Sacramento telephoned “We placed a label on the shelf in front of your Petite Sirah that read ‘A Winemaker’s Dream’, and we wrote a feature article in our newsletter. It was our top seller this year. There were more return customers for your wine than any other we had at that price range.”

St. Helena Dean & DeLuca Newsletter: “David Fulton 1999 was among our top 20 wines sold this [2002] year.”

Quote from Napa Valley Vineyard Manager Ed B, August 1999, after hearing how well our 1999 Petite Sirah was doing, “It’s a small wonder [given the location]. You’ve got Ernie’s vineyard on the west, rated the top out of 17 vineyards going to Silver Oak, Joe’s to the south going to Mondavi’s reserve Cabernet, and mine to the east giving Markham 90 plus ratings four of the last five years.”

Completely Anonymous: “OK. I should have known it was the grapes. But I did get a gold medal at the California State Fair the first year I made Petite Sirah, or even home wine for that matter..” An anonymous person having difficulty fessing up to letting his ego get in the way of realizing it wasn’t his fancy-dancy wine making skills that got him the awards — it’s the vineyard.

“R” from California in a phone conversation, “I love your wine. I’ll work the harvest, wash lug boxes, you name it. I just want to get on your mailing [list].”

Email from Bennett S of Los Angeles, “Love your wine!! Red Carpet poured me your 2000 Petite. I immediately fell in love and snagged their last few bottles. The wine has layers and layers of fruit, amazing intensity and concentration, but also real structure and balance, a beautiful wine. It’s built to age, but I find it really, really difficult to resist popping corks right now. The wine is just superb, especially considering the unevenness of 2000. Who are you guys anyway??? And what have you got up your sleeves for 2001??!”

Phone conversation, Adrian, Los Angeles, “For fun I brought in your ’99 Petite Sirah to the bi-weekly blind tasting I hold at my home, and your wine blew out the competition. I’m talking about some major league wines here including you know who, T______. It was the last of ten wines I poured that evening, and if you could have seen the surprised looks on their faces when they tasted it.”

Remarks during a visit by Ralph and Debra from Phoenix, “Best wine we’ve ever tasted of any variety. Our problem is trying not to drink up all we have right away as we know it’s only going to get better with time.”

Suzanne, San Diego said, “I would like to be on your mailing list if you have one. …I tried your Petite Sirah and would like to be able to get some more. Please let me know if you have any available or when the next vintage will be released.”

Jeff from Los Gatos remarked, “I have had a bottle of your Sirah and loved it. Do you have a mailing list and can you put me on it? If not how can I buy some more of your wines?”

John of Pasadena wrote, “I had this wine recently and really enjoyed it. [Where] can I buy a case?” In a follow up email, he wrote, “I was able to get a case from Daryl Corti and a few bottles from Red Carpet in Glendale, where I have had an account for about 20 years. I proceeded to give many bottle away to friends, we have all enjoyed it tremendously, thank you.

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Gail Gardner Randol July 28, 2010 at 5:38 pm

I certainly don’t want to miss your newsletter. Here is my email address. We have missed “Cheers” this summer. Hope to get to your open house in August. Gail

Stephanie July 30, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Thanks Gail!

Stephanie September 10, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Hi Gail,
Sorry it took so long for me to respond! This is a new part of our website. Did you make it to the open house?? Stephanie

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